SEJAKIDZ Level 1: Ready-Steady



Teaching Modules that Give Children (and Teachers) the Repeated Practice They Need to Build Confidence in Using English.

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Soleh English Junior Adventure (SEJA) features learning activities based on catchy, short songs.  The engaging, easy-to-play, easy-to-conduct games with plenty of variations are designed to help learners expand their vocabulary, improve communication skills and enjoy using English.  They also benefit from the playful approach and repeated practice that support effective learning.  SEJAKIDZ is customized for children 5-9 years.

This module is customized for Malaysian teachers who handle English learning sessions for pre-school children.  

SEJAKIDZ has three (3) levels as shown in the photo below.  Each level can be completed in the span of 3 months (ideally, once a week for 45 minutes.)  Here, I will share the content and flow for Level 1:  Ready-Steady.


Level 1 Ready-Steady has 4 mini songs containing questions and polite expressions.  I have included 3 quick games that do not require preparation or props PLUS 5 card games that help teachers make learning session fun and effective.  Master these games and you can improvise the content to suit your teaching needs – beyond English class!


Take a look at the class flow.  Of course, regular daily dose of good English is what we want, but once-a-week SEJAKIDZ class is still workable.  I strongly recommend that teachers use the phrases and vocabulary, sing the songs and play the games outside the allocated SEJA session.  Remember, REPETITION IS THE KEY TO MASTERY.


Begin the class with a simple warm-up exercise that involves movement and speaking out loud.  Do a quick review of the previous lessons before introducing the new content.  Display the picture cards on the board/wall as visual aids.


Next, introduce your LESSON OF THE DAY (songs, phrases).  There are four songs in this level, with melodies familiar to everyone.


This is how I would structure a 45-minute session:


Here are some of the items you can find inside the Level 1 Module Kit (Ready-Steady).

sejakidz items

Mini Cards BookHello Progress Sheet

Mini Cards for playing flip flop, dominos, hop hop games

For Teachers

To purchase this kit (RM 350.00), please contact us via Whatsapp at:  6013 966 3301


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