Y2-3: Rain Brochure (45-min)


Two classes combine for a weekly SEJA Session at a private school in Kuala Lumpur.  No chairs and tables can fit  a class that can accommodate fifty plus students, so they sit on the floor.  Hence, we have to design learning activities with the people, landscape, architecture, culture and environment (PLACE) in mind.  Explore the PLACE concept here.

MashaAllah, tabarakallah!  The current weather corresponds with the current unit.  I have selected two songs from ICS DVD Set – “Rain is a Blessing” and “The Helpful Spider” and expand them into listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

These brochures are A4 papers folded into three columns.  Print them double-sided.  It’s a simple, save-the-tree effort 🙂 Amal soleh inshaAllah!

In the last unit, students practiced the “I can/ I feel” phrases.  If you have downloaded the Learning Pack, well done!  So this Rain & Spider set will be a natural continuation.

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What’s inside this set?




Here are the song lyrics.  For the Rain song, I selected the first stanza only for writing practice and inserted the du’a as well.

The Spider song has two stanzas.  Since the diction is quite high, let’s stick to the first one for now.

Welcome to the first brochure!  How to introduce this unit?  Talk about the weather, the rain, the sun.  Blessing is a big word yet it is easy to say it.  How would you define blessing to your young learners?  I tell them, blessings are good things from Allah.  Ask them for examples.

Practice 1:  Arrange the Words  Here, the focus is not how fast they can rearrange the lyrics.  You can choose to focus on the CAPITAL letters, the end marks, the spacing.

Energizer:  Doodling Time  Free drawing time!  No rules, no guide.  Just doodle and draw.

Practice 2:  Matching the Movement  This looks childish at a first glance.  Add a twist, take it to another level.  The mission is to switch hand.  Right-handed will use their left hands and vice versa.  Priceless moment for the children 🙂  This is the time to insert values like repetition, patience, gratitude.  You know, all the good stuff!

Practice 3:  Rhyming Rain   No explanation needed, right?  Go ahead and expand this activity.

Enrichment:  The Du’a  Put the correct signs (fathah, kasrah, dhommah, syaddah).

===================== Rain Brochure Ends====================================

You are now set for a high-impact 45-minute English class!

Next brochure, “What’s the weather like?”

Download the file here:  Rain Brochure Y2&3.


Alhamdulillah, I can.. / I feel…


FREEBIES for you!  Go ahead and download this  Feeling and Moving Pack, suitable for Year 2 and 3 students .

You can download the pack here,  all in PDF : Free Download Feeling & Moving


This unit focuses on two vocabulary groups as the name states – Feelings and Movement, or specifically,  Walking Styles.

Your young learners will fall in love with this action-packed module.  They get to move and you don’t have to make them sit still *yay! *

We have just completed this unit at SRICU (Sekolah Rendah Islam Cahaya Ummi) where we go for weekly English sessions.   I am pleased with students’ progress and hence excited to share the learning pack with you.

What’s inside this unit?

+ 8 Feeling Vocabulary with super simple and catchy doodles

+ 6 Walking Styles incorporated in easy-to-sing song

+ 1 Feeling Wordsearch

+ 1 Game Board Track to practice “I Can/I Feel” phrases both in speaking and writing

Watch how our class of forty plus children play with this set: 


May this mini module benefit you and your class.


🎁 All the best!

~ Rasheedah (Aunty Sha)

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